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Eurythmy in Beautiful Northern Italy

October29 – November3,2018
with Bettina Grube: Indications for Eurythmy as a Source of Inspiration for Artistic Work

Join us this fall for an immersive week of speech and tone eurythmy. We will focus on the elements of dramatic speech eurythmy, warm-up with greek rhythms, and move with the Cello. There will also be time for focus on individual pieces. Students and eurythmy enthusiasts with experience are warmly invited.

Cost: 425 Euros, Includes workshop, shared lodging and lunches Early Bird Price: 385 Euros booked by August 15, 2018

Location: Biella, Italy, La Runa www.runabiella.noblogs.orgBettinaGrubeFlyer
For all inquiries and registration please email movingwithmasters@gmail.com